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I am fund-raising for Compassion in World Farming by living without a fridge for six months. I switched off my fridge-freezer on 1 January 2012 and will record what happens...

Donations are still coming in…

We have now reached a total of £2,833.75 donated to Compassion in World Farming. I will publish the final, grand total in my Christmas newsletter but it’s looking very likely that the £3k mark will be attained. Many, many thanks to all concerned.



Thanks to a recent run of extraordinarily generous donations we are now approaching the third thousand of pounds. I’m beginning to feel I ought to switch my fridge off again to justify these!

Next target?

I thought I’d finished the project with  switching my fridge back on but I hadn’t reckoned with all these extra donations. I am so touched by this continuing response and am now beginning to think that we might even hit the three thousand pound mark. With gift aid, the total raised for CIWF now stands at £2,783.75. THANK YOU so much everybody!

More donations …

I’m thrilled to say that donations are still coming in and we are now over  £2,600 !

Fridge back on!

Well, the fridge and freezer still work after their 6 month holiday! That glass of chilled white wine was just marvellous. The strange thing is, though, that I have got so used to living without refrigeration that I still have absolutely nothing in my freezer, and only a few stray vegetables in my fridge. Bizarre! I wonder how long it will take me to get accustomed to using these gadgets again. Another 6 months?

The eleventh hour…

I can’t believe it. Only three quarters of an hour to go before I can switch my fridge back on. It will be a bit strange, because apart from that bottle of white wine, I have nothing much to put in it, so accustomed have I become to living from day to day as far as food is concerned. I never thought that switching on a fridge would register on the Richter scale as such a big event in my life!

As at 11.15pm, the total raised is £2,000 exactly, or £2,403.75 if you count in all the gift-aid. I will keep this blog going for a bit longer as there are still one or two donations in the pipeline. I would like to publish the grand total in a week or so’s time. Meanwhile, SO many thanks to all who have contributed to this magnificent sum.

£67.75 needed…

Thanks to another couple of generous, anonymous donations I am now well over the two thousand pounds target, if you count in the added gift-aid. However, the icing on the cake would be to raise the final £67.75 by midnight tomorrow, so that the red thermometer on my fund-raising page hits the bullseye! I don’t know if Virgin Money Giving add sound effects to their web pages when someone reaches their goal, but you will definitely hear a cork popping in SE5 if it happens.

Onwards and upwards…

STOP PRESS! That’s just gone down to £47.75! Twenty four and a half hours to go!